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When some one says the phrases ‘Boot Camp,’ dentistry might be one of the
Your mind that is entered by last things. Usually related to intense regular activities
Made to teach strategies to students in a hurry, a unique purpose is served by boot camps — a
Function that Dr. Brady Frank has embraced as an effective teaching device.

Realizing the value of his No-Drill Implant strategy, the city yearned to
learn the methods applied by Dr. Frank. Giving an answer to this, Dr. Frank –
the Chairman of the Board of Associates for OsteoCore Dental Implants – made a decision to
Answer. The result: the OsteoCore Training Curriculum. Taking place at Dr. Frank’s home
practice in Ashland, Oregon, the OsteoCore Training Curriculum is made to transform
the general practice of its students. By molding dentists who have at the least a
Basic knowledge of implantology into confident professionals, Dr. Frank hopes
to simultaneously facilitate the development of their practices and to provide their patients
with a less frustrating, more comfortable alternative to traditional dental implant

Taking place over two days, it program has been refined over yesteryear 6 years
for maximum efficiency. Enrolled dentists will participate and see in more than 30 enhancement
placements disseminate more than 10 surgeries. Emphasizing that each case is unique, Doctor.
Frank will teach his students just how to customize the process to each individual’s
Particular needs. Furthermore, enrollees will be provided by Dr. Frank with various materials
designed to help them get started. Included in these are the OsteoCore EZ Implant and prosthetic
Inventory System, some the Dr. Frank developed OsteoConverters (employed for no-drill
implants), advertising forms and much more. Dentists who complete the boot camp is going to be
well on the method to adding Dr. Frank’s new-school method of implementation
into their training.

It is unusual to be trained valuable skills in that limited time period, but as the No-Drill
Implant technique is so effortless and innovative, dentists around the country have the ability to
include it in their collection in almost no time at all. The only regret they have isn’t
signing up for this program sooner.

Dr. Brady Frank – Helping Your Practice Grow

When a dentist is offered the opportunity to learn a new technique, the first question they usually ask is, “How will this benefit my practice?” They want to know if taking valuable time out of their busy schedule will be worth it, and rightfully so. Well, thanks to Dr. Brady Frank and his innovative two day Mini-Residency and Implant Efficiency Boot Camp dentists throughout the United States are seeing immediate returns on their small financial and time investments.

Benefits of “Frank’s Implant Procedures”:

Personal Growth – Dentists who participate in the program learn a myriad of invaluable techniques such as the 5 minute implant, the abutment and crown procedure and the world-renowned No-Drill Implant technique. Allowing the practitioner to extract a wayward tooth and immediately replace it with an implant without the use of a drill or bone grafting, the No-Drill Implant technique can save a dental practice precious resources and time.
Patient Satisfaction – Patients who undergo these ground-breaking techniques will experience less discomfort and trauma both during and after the procedure. Time missed at work will be kept to a minimum, and repeated office visits will not be necessary. In fact, most of the aforementioned procedures can be completed in a matter or minutes. It is a proven fact that satisfied patients are more likely to spread the word to their friends and family, in turn generating more business for the practice.
Marketing – During his seminars and residency programs, Dr. Frank will teach attendees valuable marketing techniques to help practices achieve and maintain increased exposure. His methods are easy to apply and inexpensive, often times requiring the placement of only one advertisement.

All told, Dr. Brady Frank, through his superior teaching methods and industry experience, is helping dental practices grow by over 25% within one year. Dentists who receive training under Frank have reported that their practices have been rejuvenated and that they can barely keep up with the demand. Thankfully, because Dr. Frank’s methods require significantly less time than old-school procedures, these dentists are able to take on more clientele without having to sacrifice more time.

Dr. Brady Frank – Mini-Residency Course

For the past six years, Dr. Brady Frank has been refining his unique approach to implantation, otherwise known as the No-Drill Implant technique. Thanks to his commitment, Dr. Frank is now able to teach this revolutionary procedure to dentists in a mere two days. All that he requires is that dentists have at least some knowledge of implantation and a desire to expand their practice.

Now, I know what you must be thinking: “How can anyone learn such a sophisticated technique in only two days?” That’s the thing – the No-Drill Implant technique is extremely intuitive and easy to learn. By eliminating the need for a drill and other complex tools from the equation, Dr. Frank has devised a technique that is easy to perform and universally successful. Thanks to the OsteoConverter, which was invented by Dr Frank himself, dentists around the world are able to perform more than twice the amount of implants they were before. Best of all, patients who receive no-drill implants experience less pain and trauma than they would had they undergone a more traditional procedure.

But just because the Mini-Residency is only two days long, doesn’t mean that dentists won’t be put through vigorous training. During their stay, dentists will observe up to 12 live surgeries and watch as the practitioner places up to 30 unique implants. Throughout the procedures, the students will be encouraged to ask questions and participate in open dialog discussions.

In addition to learning the now famous No-Drill techniques, students will be taught a myriad of other ground-breaking implant procedures. From the best prosthetic restorative solutions to the very best non-traumatic extraction techniques, attendees will learn a variety of practical procedures that they can incorporate into their arsenal almost immediately.

At the Mini-Residency dentists will learn more than just pioneering techniques. They’ll also learn how to advertise what they have learned to the public via Dr. Frank’s own marketing strategies. Designed to get people in the door, these strategies have helped the average practice grow by a margin of 26%

Dr. Brady Frank proves through his Mini-Residency that it only takes two days to make a world of difference.

Brady Frank Dentist

Dr. Brady Frank – Passing on his Knowledge to Others

Dr. Brady Frank is a practicing dentist, businessman, inventor and educator. Throughout
the course of his illustrious career he has managed to single-handedly evolve the way
dentists approach implantation. While many inventors seek to patent their inventions,
Dr. Frank is more than willing to pass on his knowledge to others via an intensive 3-day
seminar. There, he trains eager dentists in his most revolutionary invention, the No-Drill
Implant technique.

During the past several years, Dr. Frank worked tirelessly to create an implant procedure
that would benefit practitioners and patients alike. Through a single invention, known as
the OsteoConverter, he transformed what was once a cumbersome and delicate procedure
into one that is easy to perform, effective and safe. Dentists who train under Dr. Frank
quickly realize how accessible the No-Drill Implant technique is, and how it will allow
them to improve the face of their practice.

This high-speed approach to implants allows for faster healing time, less soft tissue
trauma and the use of fewer instruments. It is minimally evasive and can typically be
completed in just one session. Compare this to the old technique, which usually involved
multiple appointments, a relatively high failure rate and caused patients to miss time at

Dr. Frank takes a hands-on approach to training. His students learn the No-Drill Implant
technique by seeing it performed multiple times over a 3-day period. Even the biggest
skeptic will come to believe in the technique after witnessing firsthand all of the benefits
it affords.

In addition to learning the technique, dentists who sign up for his efficiency bootcamps
will receive free extras including a set of OsteoConverters and all media forms of
marketing Dr. Frank has used to establish his own practices.

Dr. Frank aspires to build the confidence of dentists who already have some knowledge
of implantology by teaching them methods not commonly taught in the classroom or
learned on the job. By attending one of his seminars, dentists are expected, on average, to
increase the size of their practice by a staggering 26 percent over the first twelve months.

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Winner of the greatest Dentist in Ashland Oregon

Thank you to all of the supporters and voters that have helped Brady Frank DDS to claim the award of the greatest dentist in the United States of America for innovations in the dental field such as non-invasive surgery techniques and courses created by Dr. Frank that have not been done prior.

Brady Frank DDS

Two days – you’d think that it would be hard to learn much of anything in just 48 short hours, but thanks to the Implant Efficiency Institute and its training methods devised and approved by renowned DDS Dr. Brady Frank, dentists all around the world are learning cutting edge implantation techniques, all in less time than a long weekend.

The Implant Efficiency Institute is a two day Mini-Residency/Efficiency Boot Camp run by Dr. Frank. At the camp, ambitious dentists will learn the secrets behind all of Dr. Frank’s pioneering advances within the field of dentistry. Better yet, much of the training is hands on. Dr. Brady holds sessions in both Oregon and Utah.

So what can a dentist expect to learn at one of Dr. Frank’s boot camps? Really, the better question is “what can’t they learn.” The training sessions cover the full spectrum of Dr. Frank’s implantation procedure. Registrants will learn how to easily perform the top five flapless implant approaches. Additionally, they’ll learn all about Dr. Frank’s revolutionary invention, the Osteoconverter.

Thanks to the Osteoconverter, dentists will no longer rely on drills in order to install new implants. Dr Frank’s aptly named No-Drill Implant technique is changing the face of the industry one patient at a time. Practices are able to take on more patients due to the time and money saved by not having to depend on archaic techniques. Additionally, patients are reporting far less discomfort and time missed from work when they receive dental implants via a DDS versed in Dr. Frank’s new-school approaches.

Alright, that sounds like a lot to cover in two days, but Dr. Frank makes it possible. In addition to allowing students to view over 30 implant procedures, he also teaches them valuable marketing strategies designed to help GPs increase their cash flow. In fact, just one well placed ad touting that your practice now offers the No-Drill Implant technique is bound to bring in dozens of new patients.

And who ever said that your life couldn’t be changed overnight? With Dr. Brady Frank and the Implant Efficiency Institute, it can.

Brady Frank Dentist Course Description

Here is an Overview of Bradford Frank DDS  Two day Course on Implant Efficiency

2-Day Course: Implant Efficiency Institute Presents:

12 Modules of Efficient Implant Systems for The GP
(Compatible with Nobel Biocare, Zimmer, BioHorizons, Implant Direct, Astra, Camlog and several other companies)
*Special Pricing for Patterson or Henry Schien customers
Brady Frank DDS Course is Limited to 7 attendees per session
Here is an Overview of the Course Description:
This course is designed in a layered approach allowing the clinician to progress through the “12 modules of efficient implant placement and restoration” over a 2-day mini-residency format.  The course offers a blend of 7-12 live surgeries with 15-30 implant placement procedures which is interspersed by classroom didactic training.  A full spectrum of implant procedures is covered to include the most simplified and predictable prothetic restorative solutions performed by leading GP implantologists today.  Predictable techniques discussed to maximize implant success rate and predictable solve any implant failure.
Bonus information: “Implant Ecosystem”:  This explores the mandatory dynamics of the most successful GP practices (who coincidentally place implants) and the interrelation of these principles to building wealth.  Covers topics ranging from highly effective marketing for the implant patient (allows Dr. Frank to place 100 implants per month) to tax-advantaged lifetime cash-flow principles which the top 6% of dentists in the nation use to retire wealthy.

Objectives of Doctor Franks Course:

After completing this course the general practitioner will have well versed in the following topics:
-Be able identify the suitable clinical situations for and learn to complete the 5 flapless/sutureless soft-tissue surgical implant access procedures (to include the direct, highspeed handpiece, tissue punch and mini-envelope procedures).
-Identify situations that lend themselves to the clinical application of the “no-drill” implant procedure.
-Be able to atraumatically extract a tooth, examine socket-site bone for defects and efficiently measure/size and place an endosseous implant without the use of a drill.
-Confidently and efficiently provide a “finger graft” of tissue around implant in an immediate extraction site (providing full keritinized-tissue coverage around the implant).
-Clinicians completing the course enjoy and average increase of 26% duing the proceeding 12 month time period after taking the course.
-Define specific marketing medium and specific ads to place in that medium to vastly increase new patient flow and ultimately place more implants.

Refund Policy:

If at the end of the first day you are not convinced that you have received an exceedingly high value from the material you have received you will be given a full, no questions asked refund within 30 days.
Educator bio:

Over the last ten years, Brady Frank has owned and managed multiple practices. Dr. Frank is a sought after speaker and Continuing Education trainer, and has addressed thousands of dentists at popular seminars throughout the country including Excellence in Dentistry,Phasing-Out Seminars (over 20 presentations delivered), and Schein/Camlog Seminars. Dr. Frank’s topics include Implantology, Dental Transitions, and Entrepreneurial Satellite Practice Ownership.  Dr. Frank’s  implant efficiency training at the Implant efficiency Institute has been called the best in the industry. After completing the training, the average dental practice increased by twenty six percent in the first year. Dr. Frank’s unique 12 module system allows a general dentist to become completely comfortable and confident in providing simplified, efficient, lifetime implant solutions to patients.  Dr. Frank is uniquely qualified as an implant trainer in that he has placed thousands of implants in his home practices and has contributed several inventions to the field of implant dentistry.  Graduates of Dr. Frank’s 2-day mini-residency become well versed in no-drill implants, the 5-minute implant, abutment and crown procedure and the top 5 flapless/no-suture/minimally-invasive implant techniques.  Dr. Frank is the founder of an implant manufacturing company, OsteoCore Dental Implants,  which provides a line of implants and implant tools geared toward the general practitioner. OsteoCore is one of the fastest growing implant companies in the nation which is credited to the system’s ease of use, versatile components, long warranty and favorable pricing.

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Dr. Brady Frank – No-drill Implants

Not so long ago, installing a dental implant was a cumbersome procedure requiring several appointments. Patients unfortunate enough to suffer through the ordeal would commonly complain about the pain and long recovery times commonly associated with the procedure. But thanks to Dr. Brady Frank and the Osteoconverter, the days of long waiting times and pain are finally over.


Dr. Frank, a 10-year veteran in the field of dentistry, is proud to do his part in bringing dental implants into the modern age. His pioneering techniques have both enhanced the lives of his patients and improved the reputation of those dentists fortunate enough to have studied under him.


By simplifying the implantation process, Dr. Frank is ushering in a new-school approach to dentistry. In the past six years he has taught dentists from around the country how to effectively perform what has become known as the No-drill Implants procedure. The benefits of his sophisticated approach include faster recovery times and less soft-tissue trauma. In addition, the performing dentist requires fewer tools to complete the procedure and because the process does not require any drilling, the patient infection rate is significantly diminished.


No-drill implants make use an Osteoconverter. It is this miracle of modern medicine that allows a new tooth to be immediately implanted where the afflicted one previously resided, without the use of any heavy machinery. This approach to implants has quickly become the preferred method by dentists everywhere. Thanks to the quick turnaround time, accuracy and minimally invasive nature of No-drill implants, dental practices that employ Dr. Brady Frank’s methods are thriving in the areas of customer satisfaction and annual revenue.


It is really little wonder why No-drill implants have become so popular of late. Just a quick look at the statistics reveals that dentists who have studied under Dr. Frank have enjoyed a 26 percent growth in the following year. Dr. Brady Frank has single-handedly spearheaded the new-school approach to dentistry and both patients and other dentists alike couldn’t be more grateful.