Brady Frank DDS

Two days – you’d think that it would be hard to learn much of anything in just 48 short hours, but thanks to the Implant Efficiency Institute and its training methods devised and approved by renowned DDS Dr. Brady Frank, dentists all around the world are learning cutting edge implantation techniques, all in less time than a long weekend.

The Implant Efficiency Institute is a two day Mini-Residency/Efficiency Boot Camp run by Dr. Frank. At the camp, ambitious dentists will learn the secrets behind all of Dr. Frank’s pioneering advances within the field of dentistry. Better yet, much of the training is hands on. Dr. Brady holds sessions in both Oregon and Utah.

So what can a dentist expect to learn at one of Dr. Frank’s boot camps? Really, the better question is “what can’t they learn.” The training sessions cover the full spectrum of Dr. Frank’s implantation procedure. Registrants will learn how to easily perform the top five flapless implant approaches. Additionally, they’ll learn all about Dr. Frank’s revolutionary invention, the Osteoconverter.

Thanks to the Osteoconverter, dentists will no longer rely on drills in order to install new implants. Dr Frank’s aptly named No-Drill Implant technique is changing the face of the industry one patient at a time. Practices are able to take on more patients due to the time and money saved by not having to depend on archaic techniques. Additionally, patients are reporting far less discomfort and time missed from work when they receive dental implants via a DDS versed in Dr. Frank’s new-school approaches.

Alright, that sounds like a lot to cover in two days, but Dr. Frank makes it possible. In addition to allowing students to view over 30 implant procedures, he also teaches them valuable marketing strategies designed to help GPs increase their cash flow. In fact, just one well placed ad touting that your practice now offers the No-Drill Implant technique is bound to bring in dozens of new patients.

And who ever said that your life couldn’t be changed overnight? With Dr. Brady Frank and the Implant Efficiency Institute, it can.


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