Brady Frank Dentist

Dr. Brady Frank – Passing on his Knowledge to Others

Dr. Brady Frank is a practicing dentist, businessman, inventor and educator. Throughout
the course of his illustrious career he has managed to single-handedly evolve the way
dentists approach implantation. While many inventors seek to patent their inventions,
Dr. Frank is more than willing to pass on his knowledge to others via an intensive 3-day
seminar. There, he trains eager dentists in his most revolutionary invention, the No-Drill
Implant technique.

During the past several years, Dr. Frank worked tirelessly to create an implant procedure
that would benefit practitioners and patients alike. Through a single invention, known as
the OsteoConverter, he transformed what was once a cumbersome and delicate procedure
into one that is easy to perform, effective and safe. Dentists who train under Dr. Frank
quickly realize how accessible the No-Drill Implant technique is, and how it will allow
them to improve the face of their practice.

This high-speed approach to implants allows for faster healing time, less soft tissue
trauma and the use of fewer instruments. It is minimally evasive and can typically be
completed in just one session. Compare this to the old technique, which usually involved
multiple appointments, a relatively high failure rate and caused patients to miss time at

Dr. Frank takes a hands-on approach to training. His students learn the No-Drill Implant
technique by seeing it performed multiple times over a 3-day period. Even the biggest
skeptic will come to believe in the technique after witnessing firsthand all of the benefits
it affords.

In addition to learning the technique, dentists who sign up for his efficiency bootcamps
will receive free extras including a set of OsteoConverters and all media forms of
marketing Dr. Frank has used to establish his own practices.

Dr. Frank aspires to build the confidence of dentists who already have some knowledge
of implantology by teaching them methods not commonly taught in the classroom or
learned on the job. By attending one of his seminars, dentists are expected, on average, to
increase the size of their practice by a staggering 26 percent over the first twelve months.

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