Dr. Brady Frank – Mini-Residency Course

For the past six years, Dr. Brady Frank has been refining his unique approach to implantation, otherwise known as the No-Drill Implant technique. Thanks to his commitment, Dr. Frank is now able to teach this revolutionary procedure to dentists in a mere two days. All that he requires is that dentists have at least some knowledge of implantation and a desire to expand their practice.

Now, I know what you must be thinking: “How can anyone learn such a sophisticated technique in only two days?” That’s the thing – the No-Drill Implant technique is extremely intuitive and easy to learn. By eliminating the need for a drill and other complex tools from the equation, Dr. Frank has devised a technique that is easy to perform and universally successful. Thanks to the OsteoConverter, which was invented by Dr Frank himself, dentists around the world are able to perform more than twice the amount of implants they were before. Best of all, patients who receive no-drill implants experience less pain and trauma than they would had they undergone a more traditional procedure.

But just because the Mini-Residency is only two days long, doesn’t mean that dentists won’t be put through vigorous training. During their stay, dentists will observe up to 12 live surgeries and watch as the practitioner places up to 30 unique implants. Throughout the procedures, the students will be encouraged to ask questions and participate in open dialog discussions.

In addition to learning the now famous No-Drill techniques, students will be taught a myriad of other ground-breaking implant procedures. From the best prosthetic restorative solutions to the very best non-traumatic extraction techniques, attendees will learn a variety of practical procedures that they can incorporate into their arsenal almost immediately.

At the Mini-Residency dentists will learn more than just pioneering techniques. They’ll also learn how to advertise what they have learned to the public via Dr. Frank’s own marketing strategies. Designed to get people in the door, these strategies have helped the average practice grow by a margin of 26%

Dr. Brady Frank proves through his Mini-Residency that it only takes two days to make a world of difference.


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