Dr. Brady Frank – Helping Your Practice Grow

When a dentist is offered the opportunity to learn a new technique, the first question they usually ask is, “How will this benefit my practice?” They want to know if taking valuable time out of their busy schedule will be worth it, and rightfully so. Well, thanks to Dr. Brady Frank and his innovative two day Mini-Residency and Implant Efficiency Boot Camp dentists throughout the United States are seeing immediate returns on their small financial and time investments.

Benefits of “Frank’s Implant Procedures”:

Personal Growth – Dentists who participate in the program learn a myriad of invaluable techniques such as the 5 minute implant, the abutment and crown procedure and the world-renowned No-Drill Implant technique. Allowing the practitioner to extract a wayward tooth and immediately replace it with an implant without the use of a drill or bone grafting, the No-Drill Implant technique can save a dental practice precious resources and time.
Patient Satisfaction – Patients who undergo these ground-breaking techniques will experience less discomfort and trauma both during and after the procedure. Time missed at work will be kept to a minimum, and repeated office visits will not be necessary. In fact, most of the aforementioned procedures can be completed in a matter or minutes. It is a proven fact that satisfied patients are more likely to spread the word to their friends and family, in turn generating more business for the practice.
Marketing – During his seminars and residency programs, Dr. Frank will teach attendees valuable marketing techniques to help practices achieve and maintain increased exposure. His methods are easy to apply and inexpensive, often times requiring the placement of only one advertisement.

All told, Dr. Brady Frank, through his superior teaching methods and industry experience, is helping dental practices grow by over 25% within one year. Dentists who receive training under Frank have reported that their practices have been rejuvenated and that they can barely keep up with the demand. Thankfully, because Dr. Frank’s methods require significantly less time than old-school procedures, these dentists are able to take on more clientele without having to sacrifice more time.


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