Brady Frank Dentist

When some one says the phrases ‘Boot Camp,’ dentistry might be one of the
Your mind that is entered by last things. Usually related to intense regular activities
Made to teach strategies to students in a hurry, a unique purpose is served by boot camps — a
Function that Dr. Brady Frank has embraced as an effective teaching device.

Realizing the value of his No-Drill Implant strategy, the city yearned to
learn the methods applied by Dr. Frank. Giving an answer to this, Dr. Frank –
the Chairman of the Board of Associates for OsteoCore Dental Implants – made a decision to
Answer. The result: the OsteoCore Training Curriculum. Taking place at Dr. Frank’s home
practice in Ashland, Oregon, the OsteoCore Training Curriculum is made to transform
the general practice of its students. By molding dentists who have at the least a
Basic knowledge of implantology into confident professionals, Dr. Frank hopes
to simultaneously facilitate the development of their practices and to provide their patients
with a less frustrating, more comfortable alternative to traditional dental implant

Taking place over two days, it program has been refined over yesteryear 6 years
for maximum efficiency. Enrolled dentists will participate and see in more than 30 enhancement
placements disseminate more than 10 surgeries. Emphasizing that each case is unique, Doctor.
Frank will teach his students just how to customize the process to each individual’s
Particular needs. Furthermore, enrollees will be provided by Dr. Frank with various materials
designed to help them get started. Included in these are the OsteoCore EZ Implant and prosthetic
Inventory System, some the Dr. Frank developed OsteoConverters (employed for no-drill
implants), advertising forms and much more. Dentists who complete the boot camp is going to be
well on the method to adding Dr. Frank’s new-school method of implementation
into their training.

It is unusual to be trained valuable skills in that limited time period, but as the No-Drill
Implant technique is so effortless and innovative, dentists around the country have the ability to
include it in their collection in almost no time at all. The only regret they have isn’t
signing up for this program sooner.


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