Brady Frank Dentist – OsteoCore

OsteoCore Dental Implants is a pioneering implant company facilitated by Dr. Brady Frank. In addition to addressing the pressing needs of dental practices throughout the country, OsteoCore offers a full line of products designed to help these practices augment their approach to dental care. Dr. Frank currently acts as the Chairman of the Board of Advisors for OsteoCore, and is proud of the new-school methodologies that they represent.

OsteoCore is completely owned by dentists. Because OsteoCore is not publicly traded or owned by investors, it remains completely debt-free. What this means is that OsteoCore can offer their clients extremely affordable prices and still maintain a high degree of clinical excellence. Those who sign up as members of OsteoCore will receive unheard of prices on the most advanced implants currently on the market. Additionally, members who refer another dentist receive a 10% dividend, which helps the referring dentist to offset the already low price of implants.

Dentists praise OsteoCore not only because of their low prices, but because they offer the very best implants and components. These easy to use, revolutionary products allow dentists to perform otherwise cumbersome procedures in a fraction of the time. Thus, dentists are able to take on more patients, provide better care and increase their revenue – all thanks to OsteoCore and Dr. Brady Frank.

But Dr. Brady Frank is not just a businessman and innovator. He has served as a dentist for over a decade and through his consulting skills has helped accelerate the growth of large group practices. His training techniques have been cited as the best that the industry currently has to offer and his inventions, such as the OsteoConverter, have revolutionized the way the average dentist perceives dental implants.

Thanks to his experience, passion and forward thinking ideals, Dr. Frank is able to differentiate himself from the average dentist. As he leads OsteoCore into a new era of progress, expect the entire field of dentistry to evolve, resulting in more satisfied patients and exceedingly prosperous private dental practices.


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