Dr. Brady Frank – Seminars

Dr. Brady Frank, world renowned dentist and pioneer of the OsteoConverter and the
No-drill implant technique, is proud to offer a series of seminars designed to teach
ambitious dentists in the finer art of modern dental implants. By sharing his revolutionary
techniques with others, Dr. Brady, the Chairman of the Board of Advisors for OsteoCore
Dental Implants, hopes to streamline the once arduous process of dental implementation.

The seminars are designed to act as a mini-residency or efficiency bootcamp and last for
2-full days. They take place at the home practice of none other than Dr. Frank himself.
Dentists who partake in the seminar will witness first-hand the refined and calculated
methods invented by Dr. Brady.

The OsteoCore Training Program was constructed with the knowledgeable and dedicated
dentist in mind. Although the techniques implemented by Brady Frank dentist are designed with
patient comfort and doctor ease in mind, it is recommended that dentists who participate
in the program have at least some prior knowledge of implantation methods. Dr. Frank, in
just a short period of intense training, will mold the knowledgeable dentist into one fully
equipped to handle any implantation procedure with speed and accuracy.

Dr. Frank’s methods have been refined over the course of the past six years, and are
proven to transform the state of a dentist’s general practice. Those who participate in
the seminars and trainings will be amazed to see their revenues shoot upwards and their
client lists grow. In fact, within just one short year after the training, the average practice
should expect to grow by an average of 26 percent or more.

Along with the training, Dr. Brady Frank offers those who sign up for the seminar a
whole slew of additional extras. They’ll receive the OsteoCore EZ Implant and prosthetic
inventory system, the critically-acclaimed OsteoConverter (used for no-drill implants)
and a vast array of marketing materials that will help turn fledgling practices into
burgeoning businesses. In total, students will receive over $8,000 worth of free gifts – but
that’s nothing compared to the revenue gains they’ll see after once their training with Dr.
Brady Frank is complete.


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